how to get free traffic to your website

1. Utilize Social Media for Better ROI
Social media provides many potential benefits to your business, especially when used as an advertising medium. These include the ability to reach audiences that are not necessarily your existing customer base. You can also use social media to build brand awareness in new markets. Lastly, if you utilize social media effectively, your clients will be more likely to purchase from your website instead of just another site.


Of course, it is important to not overstate the importance of using social media to promote any product or service. This should be done with caution and must be accompanied by some understanding of the legal ramifications that social media platforms such as Facebook can have. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states that social networks like Facebook and Instagram “may harm small businesses, advertising-supported companies, and other organizations’ privacy, reputation, and competitive advantage by amplifying negative content and/or false claims related to products or services, by recommending personalized ads at inappropriate times for people who make purchases from these entities, and by selling targeted advertising tools on their websites.”


In addition, you would want to consider the role that social media platforms play in promoting content creation. Platforms such as LinkedIn allow professionals to collaborate and share information on various topics across organizations. In fact, according to Forbes, employees find this type of collaboration very productive and valuable since they can access the information from colleagues in real time. As an organization grows, so does its need for qualified personnel on all levels of the ladder to ensure an effective communications experience among departments within the organization. A lack of visibility in traditional media may lead to communication gaps that could ultimately lead to miscommunication at all levels in the organization.


Also, the lack of transparency and consistency in current content delivery systems makes it difficult for the public to get quality, timely content to consume. The solution? Take the power back. Leverage your expertise on Social Media to increase visibility in online communities where you already have an audience of fans and followers. By creating engaging profiles and sharing relevant content, you can leverage the power of social media to provide the content that your customers crave.


You can learn how to do this here and create a powerful strategy for maximizing organic traffic to your website through social media.

2. Use Advertisements to Increase Audience With-Outreach & Promote Awareness
When you first begin out on the internet, you might think about trying to get free web traffic. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as free lunch. There are costs, risks, and limitations to getting paid online.

One of the key methods often utilized in helping people reach their target market is through advertisements. Advertising can help drive traffic organically — this is often referred to as pay-per-click (PPC). For example, you might notice that some sites look similar to other sites and sometimes only show one ad rather than multiple ones. What’s great about paying per click marketing is that you take advantage of Google’s algorithm. Essentially, Google determines which advertisements are more likely to display on a webpage and then displays those types of ads instead. While PPC offers a direct route to get your name and content onto the top page of Internet search engine results pages, doing it yourself takes effort and is much less passive. When executed properly, PPC can help you generate passive income so that you do not need to rely on external revenue streams.

In addition, a quick note on paid-advertising practices: Google has a policy against links to sites that have been blocked by the company due to illegal activity, pornography and copyrighted material. It also strongly prohibits ads with hidden or suspicious terms that consumers cannot easily see, which includes things like “this ad is part of a campaign.”

Advertising can be done via social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Craigslist Ads, etc. Companies on a large scale are currently utilizing this method to advertise certain products or services with their message being seen through a wide network of people. They typically do this by employing affiliates or third parties to market their product or service in return for commissions. However, when doing these advertisements, you are taking advantage of the trust that exists between the affiliate and the buyer or the seller of their product. Once the trust comes into effect, both parties move forward with the transaction. Obviously, having the best image, brand awareness, content, and user experience to attract your customer is what makes paid advertising successful. Ultimately, in order to gain valuable free online traffic and improve organic business, advertisers must understand how to connect with their audience on specific platforms in order to grow sales.

3. Implement On-Page SEO Optimization With Keyword Research
To achieve maximum value from on-page SEO optimization, first determine what your focus on your website needs to be. Determine what questions are asking a question of your target market, why are they asking them the question and what are your objectives in providing answers. Next, choose the words that will match with those questions, and then the keywords you intend to optimize for. Finally, create the content that addresses the questions being asked and how you intend to achieve them. Remember, optimization is not about making money, but about giving your audience the maximum opportunity to reach you.

The benefit of on-page SEO optimization is that your pages become front-page ranked with authority and a high volume of visitors. It’s a win-win-win for every single individual you encounter on the interwebs because it maximizes your chance to be seen as an expert in a highly competitive field. Moreover, it allows you to customize your content by optimizing for different ages and genders, ethnicities, locations, etc.

Another aspect of on-page SEO optimization is Google AdWords. This program permits you to place ads, either literally or figuratively, on the pages of your website. The intent is to provide each ad with value by reaching the desired audience with relevant content for that purpose. You can even sell your own ads to others. All this by leveraging the power of social media. If you want to learn how to use AdWords as an effective marketing tool, check out our blog post here.

4. Create Helpful Content That Cools Down Clients From Giving Up On Your Product
In the digital age, content marketing is a major pillar of driving business growth. Every person wants to know that they have a good product or service they can depend upon. Of course, producing better content will encourage your clients to keep coming back for months after purchasing.

You can go down the rabbit hole of creating helpful content by choosing what keywords to include. Some content includes the following content formats:







The goal is to give your audience in search a reason to buy, rather than just browse, and take your opportunity to get them to come back again for a second time. You can produce informative guides to guide users towards what you intend to teach. Be sure to include enough detailed information in your descriptions, which includes all the necessary details of your product or service.

It’s also important to provide your audience with helpful resources to refer to when they’re unsure of something they need help with. You might also try adding FAQs or suggestions for problems users might run into along the way. Your page should reflect your mission, vision, values, and goals, which will further engage your audience and inspire them to continue returning.

5. Provide New Resources to Grow Email Listings and Online Followers
Now we have the final piece, and perhaps most critical element to success. Give your email list a boost by building up an active email list. Build your audience base using emails and posts such as webinars and email polls. Try going live with videos on YouTube and posting informative articles on your website. Encourages and helps to grow your list by encouraging followers to share, comment, rate, and add you to lists on the web. And remember, once you see someone’s blog post, ask them on Twitter and follow them, since you probably have a friend who is also a blogger.

6. Generate Leads and Earned Referral
As mentioned before, generate leads and earn referrals by using social media platforms.

Create opportunities for your clients by letting them feel valued. This means showing them you trust them when you share your own success story and can demonstrate their worth. Let them know that you care deeply and your entire team works together to drive results.

Takeaways: Keep your eye open for tips to grow, optimize, and succeed in 2021!

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