5 Great Banking Jobs in Toronto That You Can Apply for Right Now

5 Great Banking Jobs in Toronto That You Can Apply for Right Now

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has some sort of opinion about banking jobs in Toronto. Some of those opinions may be positive, some negative, but the reality is that there are plenty of great banking jobs in Toronto that are waiting to be filled, and many more great professionals who want to fill them! If you’re looking to start a new career in banking or finance, take a look at these five great banking jobs in Toronto you can apply for right now!

1) Front Office and Technology Specialist

Being a front office and technology specialist sounds like a great job, right? However, it’s going to require a lot of formal education.

The good news is that while you might have to go back to school and get an advanced degree, most employers pay 100% of your tuition expenses.

So even if you go back to school, it will still end up being much less expensive than other banking jobs. The downside?

You probably won’t be able to switch jobs until you graduate because there aren’t any fast tracks into becoming an expert on core banking systems (yet). But once you do become an expert, you can expect to make over $100k per year.

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2) Risk Management Officer

Risk Management Officers (RMOs) often have either an undergraduate degree or a post-graduate diploma in finance or business administration and at least three years of experience working within a financial organization.

Their main responsibilities are monitoring market trends, assessing financial risk, and keeping clients up to date on potential threats to their investments. They also work with businesses that need protection from unexpected risks, like bankruptcy, theft or natural disasters.

A banking job in Toronto would be a great opportunity for any Risk Management Officer who wants more challenging work than what’s available at his current position and more opportunities to advance his career.

RMOs sometimes work closely with compliance officers to ensure rules governing money laundering, securities fraud and privacy laws are being followed correctly by each client.

If you’re interested in banking jobs in Toronto, it’s important to know your duties as an RMO will vary depending on your employer.

For example, some companies hire RMOs specifically to help them protect themselves against cyberattacks while others expect them to focus primarily on identifying and eliminating money laundering schemes among their customers.

The role can be rewarding if you enjoy analyzing data and coming up with solutions for problems—but it’s not always easy work.

If you’re considering banking jobs in Toronto, keep in mind that most organizations will require you to pass several exams before hiring you as an RMO. These tests measure your knowledge of various topics related to banking regulations and accounting practices.

3) Relationship Manager

Relationship Managers are salespeople that also focus on developing relationships with clients. With banking jobs, it’s common to switch between departments frequently, so you’ll find that Relationship Managers have a well-rounded knowledge of financial products and services.

To fill one of these positions, it’s important to be outgoing and good at building rapport quickly. Greeting clients is an essential part of your job and you might even have to travel regularly.

If you enjoy working with people and want to learn more about banking, then a Banking Job as a Relationship Manager could be right up your alley.

4) Compliance Officer

Bank jobs are often shrouded in secrecy, but with a job title like compliance officer, you can bet that your duties will require an almost fanatical attention to detail.

While it’s normal to expect some confidentiality at work, compliance officers ensure that financial institutions follow all government rules and regulations regarding their reporting systems.

To do so effectively, they have to be able to spot trouble before it happens. This isn’t an easy job by any means—and it can be difficult for non-financial experts to understand how critical these positions really are—but you’ll get paid well (about $40 per hour) and know that you’re helping keep Canada’s economy running smoothly.

5) Strategic Business Analyst

Banking jobs are often identified with strategic planning and problem solving. This banking position looks at things from a big-picture perspective, then uses that knowledge to create actionable ideas.

Skills include trend analysis, forecasting, business intelligence and more. If you’re looking to move up within your organization or just want a job where you think critically every day, consider a banking career.

It’s also worth noting that banking positions usually require travel. Some of these roles involve visiting clients on site, which means lots of travel opportunities—and not just internationally.

Many banks have locations all over North America, so you can find a banking job close to home if you don’t mind flying around on occasion.

There are also some remote positions available; if traveling isn’t your thing but having an exciting role is, check out what’s available without ever leaving home!

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