5 Jobs in High Demand in the USA Right Now

5 Jobs in High Demand in the USA Right Now

In the United States, certain jobs are in high demand and others aren’t. The jobs that are in high demand pay more, have low unemployment rates, and are relatively easy to find openings for within your area of expertise.

The following five jobs are currently in high demand in the USA, along with ideas about how to get them and why they’re so popular right now.

1) Registered Nurses

Healthcare is an industry that’s growing so rapidly, there’s high demand for professionals willing to work hard and get certified.

What used to be a job that was fairly easy, has become much more complex, requiring advanced degrees and certifications for many jobs.

For example, someone with a bachelor’s degree in nursing can typically find work as a registered nurse (RN), but those with master’s degrees often have options beyond their RNA title.

Registered Nurse Anesthetists (RNAS) typically have even higher paying jobs with bonuses and perks like travel opportunities; Nurses who specialize in obstetrics also command higher pay grades.

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2) Construction Laborers

Construction workers toil outside or indoors on construction sites, depending on weather conditions. Some build and repair structures for their current employers, while others seek contract jobs with different firms.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), construction laborers earned a median annual salary of $37,080 as of May 2015—not including overtime wages that could push these earnings even higher.

When compared to similar positions, construction laborer is listed as high demand because it is often one of more lucrative blue-collar jobs.

Over 180,000 people hold jobs as construction laborers, according to BLS data from May 2015.

3) Software Developers, Systems Software

Software developers and systems software engineers typically need at least a bachelor’s degree. Projected employment growth is above average, which means job opportunities will be favorable.
College graduates with degrees in computer science or engineering are likely to find job opportunities; they may start out as junior programmers and analysts but should be able to advance quickly.
Software developers also may specialize in one area of expertise, such as object-oriented programming or mobile applications development.
Workers who seek jobs with fewer employment opportunities may consider becoming database administrators or web developers.
Job prospects for web developers are expected to be less favorable due to slower employment growth, but growing demand for websites and web content should continue to spur demand for new workers over time.
According to US News & World Report, Projected Employment Growth (2014–24): 15%* Median Annual Salary: $105,280.
According to Indeed, software developers are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there will be one million new computer programmer jobs added between 2014 and 2024, with a projected growth rate of 18 percent—faster than average for all occupations.
A growth rate like that means employers are actively seeking people with programming knowledge, which is both good news and bad news for applicants.
The good news is that there is clearly demand for your skills; but, if you’re looking to advance or switch careers, you might not find it so easy to find new opportunities as an entry-level coder.

4) Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives (CSRs) field incoming customer inquiries over the phone or by email. While communication skills are important, companies also want candidates with specific technical expertise, such as software and hardware troubleshooting.

The most successful CSRs have a background in business to better understand company goals and handle complex issues like product returns.

Although customer service can be grueling—on-call shifts and long hours aren’t uncommon—the reward is a great salary for employees without specialized degrees.

Plus, since technology makes work more efficient, fewer people will be needed to answer phones and emails which means that CSR positions will remain in high demand for years to come.

5) Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Sales reps sell all kinds of goods, from fashion accessories to farm equipment. If you’re willing to travel and have strong interpersonal skills, it’s a good job to aim for if you want high demand—the BLS expects about 3 percent growth for sales representatives between 2014 and 2024.

It can be competitive, but a positive attitude goes a long way in sales. As one retail business coach puts it: Just be positive!… You cannot convince people if you are negative.

Similarly, manufacturing positions provide high-demand jobs (with 2 percent growth anticipated by 2024) and don’t require advanced degrees: Machinists only need two years of training at most technical schools or community colleges.

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