The Best Job for Girls: Which One is Right for You?

The Best Job for Girls Which One is Right for You

When you’re first graduating from high school or college, the thought of choosing your first job can be daunting.

Between deciding whether you want to work in an office or be your own boss, the hours you want to work, and the type of work itself, there are so many factors to consider that it can make your head spin!

To help you sort through all these choices, we’ve created this handy guide on the best job for girls of every kind. We’ll start with 9 common job categories and show you which one would be the best fit according to your personality type and interests!

Work as a nurse

A nursing career gives girls a way to make money while helping others. Nurses care for patients and keep them safe, which can be a very rewarding experience.

But it’s not just about money and caring—there are plenty of jobs out there that can offer satisfaction in those ways. If you want a career that will have a positive impact on both your work life and your home life, nursing could be an excellent option.

Nurses often end up with more vacation time than most people and enjoy flexible hours, but they also don’t get home from work until late at night—or even early in the morning, depending on how much they’re working that day.

That means it’s hard to see friends or family after school or work, and if you plan on having kids later in life, you might find yourself with less free time once they come along. Still, there are a lot of benefits to choosing nursing as your job for girls !

As a nurse, you’ll spend lots of time around sick people. That’s why hospitals require all nurses (and doctors) to take classes about infection control.

It’s important that nurses learn how germs spread so they can take steps to stop them from spreading further through their hospital—and into other areas outside of it!

Become an interior designer

If you’re a girl, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. But that doesn’t mean every girl should grow up to be an interior designer.

It takes hard work, patience and a great eye to create beautiful living spaces. If your idea of a good time is going shopping or designing different rooms in your house, then becoming an interior designer might just be right for you!

To get started, look into schools that specialize in interior design (many community colleges offer associate degrees in Interior Design).

After receiving your degree, apply for internships at firms around town and meet professionals who can help guide you on your way.

And remember, girls are known for their ingenuity and creativity—so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. The best jobs for girls aren’t always what you’d expect!

Become a teacher

Teaching is a traditionally female-dominated field—which means it tends to be associated with lower salaries. However, in recent years, teaching has become a more lucrative option.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in elementary and middle schools will grow at twice the rate of other occupations through 2022.

The next time you’re asking yourself which job would be best for girls, consider becoming a teacher. Not only are there plenty of opportunities available, but teachers also earn an average salary of $55,590 per year.

Plus, they enjoy excellent benefits like health insurance and paid sick leave. So what are you waiting for? Get your degree today!

Try working as an engineer

There are plenty of professions out there that aren’t traditionally female-dominated—engineering, for example.

If you’re passionate about math and science and want to pursue a career in a field like engineering, you can always switch things up. (Plus, having some tech skills on your resume can’t hurt.)But if engineering isn’t your thing, don’t stress.

There are plenty of jobs out there that don’t fall into specific boy or girl categories—and these options might just work better with your personality anyway.

Become a stylist in fashion or beauty industry

Although not every job in fashion and beauty will be as glamorous as you might expect, many of them are fun, rewarding, and even lucrative.

If you have a good eye, a genuine passion for all things chic or pretty, and a genuine love of helping people look their best (or worst if they so choose!), then a career in fashion or beauty may be right up your alley.

Of course, like any job, it’s not without its challenges—and sometimes those challenges can be more than one might expect.

For example, not everyone wants to hear what someone else has to say about how to wear their hair or how to dress…but that’s part of why being a stylist or cosmetologist is so rewarding.

Be an office manager

Unlike some girls who may be more suited to blue collar jobs, being an office manager might be a perfect fit. It’s no secret that women are great multi-taskers, and they also make better listeners than men.

Combine these skills with your knack for organization and you’ve got all of the qualities needed to keep an office running smoothly.

As an office manager, you’ll help set up schedules, coordinate meetings and events, and even keep track of inventory so your team can focus on what they do best.

With time management and organization skills in your pocket, you can move on to bigger things—like taking over as CEO!

Work as a wedding planner

It can be hard to find a job when you’re in high school, but if you want to know what it feels like to help other people make their dreams come true, wedding planning might be your best bet.

Working as a wedding planner can have some major perks; chief among them are that there are plenty of potential jobs available, most of which require very little formal education and training.

Many planners start out working at bridal boutiques or bakeries, though some work with event venues or through freelance agencies.

As long as you love getting married and enjoy making happy people even happier, being a wedding planner could be your dream job. Plus, future grooms and brides will always need someone on their side!

Choose any other kind of career that suits you the most!
If you’re a girl and looking to start a career, you have many options. It all depends on what skills you have and your strengths as a person.

Every job has its upsides and downsides; there’s no perfect job that fits everyone perfectly. So before jumping into any career blindly, it’s important to learn about yourself first.

The only way to know what type of job you should choose in life is by thinking about yourself and your interests deeply—you need to ask yourself lots of questions like: What are my hobbies? What am I good at? And, lastly, How can I make money out of my talents?

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