Foods in Italy-10 cuisines

Foods in Italy : Food is the top one things in our life to keep our mind set in right place. Food is needed in all kind of occasions. If you are having a gloomy or a thrilling day then you will never miss your food. Even though when you attend wedding, weaning, weaning or birthday ceremony you will be provided with a bunch of varieties of food. Difference is that depending on your day, mood or ceremony you will ask for different food.


If you are foodie then food might be the life for you. Actually food is life for everyone but there is different choices to have. If you are on diet, you prefer food and green vegetables rather than other heavy meals. So many people exist in this world who wants to try a different cuisine and also try a different taste.


So, among all the foods today I have listed some of the top foods that you should try while you visit Italy.


1. Pizza

You are visiting to Italy without trying pizza that doesn’t sound good. Pizza’s origin was from Italy so it is more like a national food. If we talk about pizza then we will be reminded of the country Italy. Pizza has got different taste. The main ingredients for pizza is dough, tomato sauce, veggies and some meat.

Recommendation: Margherita all Napoletana, Pizza Marinara, Pizza Quattro Formaggi etc. are the most popular pizza over here.


2. Risotto

Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked with a thick broth containing a creamy consistency. It is also one of the most famous traditional dish in Italy. Broth can be made by using ingredients vegetables, meat, or fish. It is also made with onion, olive oil or butter, cheese and white wine.

Recommendation: Chicken and pea risotto, mushroom risotto, seafood risotto, shrimp risotto and beef mince risotto are most popular risotto over here.


3. Ravioli

Ravioli is a type of pasta which is made in square shaped with a filling in thin pasta dough as like a envelope. Now it is also made in circle or semi circle. This is also originated as a Italian traditional cuisine which is served with sauce or broth. Filling include meat, ricotta cheese and vegetables.


4. Carbonara

Carbonara is also Italian dish from Rome which is also a type of pasta. It is made with egg, hard cheese, cured pork and black pepper. This food was arrived at the middle of 20th century so it is a modern form.



5. Lasagna

Lasagna is a traditional Italian food which was worldly recognized . It was originated from Naples, Italy. It is one of the oldest pasta. It consists of thin layer of flats and wide pasta with a sauce of meat, vegetable and cheese on it.

It is typically a cooked pasta assembled with other ingredients and baked in oven. After it is baked, it will be served by cutting in square shape.



Truffles is the fruiting body containing edible spores that are underground fungus in the family of Tuberaceae. This is the best food Italy has given to this world providing with a quality and volume. This is the most expensive food in the world. Truffles will add a strong aroma and delicious to the food what you are eating like pasta, salad, or egg breakfast.



7. Fiorentina steak

It is an Italian steak made of young steer made with the combination of specific preparation. It is the most popular dish of Tuscan cuisine. This steak is a high cut with bone and cooked on the grill with the blood cooking temperature. It is made with the rich flavor and will be served in hot temperature.



8. Arancini

Arancini are fried rice balls from Italy. It is filled with tomato sauce , mozzarella cheese and rice to make risotto. There are two types i.e. roman and silicon. Difference is that silicon arancini add beef and peas. They are the main ingredients but also contain other vegetables. It is coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. They are served with side sauces which is one of the best treat provided by Italy.



9. Gelato

You are thinking gelato is an ice-cream but no you are wrong it is way too different from it. It may look similar but it contains less fat with a stronger taste because it is not mixed in air and water. It is made with a fresh ingredients and unable to store for a longer period. It is less cold than ice-cream. And not to forget it is the best dessert in summer.



10. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a coffee flavored Italian dessert cake. It is made with smooth sponge like layers and filled with whipped cream which is made of egg, sugar and cheese. It is adapted from different kind of cakes and other desserts. It is perfect for your breakfast with hot drink.

After going through this article your mouth might have watered so try this food. This will create a great taste in your mouth. You might be wondering a lot of things regarding the food that I have mentioned. Dont worry these all food is very healthy as it contains fresh vegetable and Omega-3 fatty acid.

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