In order to understand what the best sales manager jobs are, you’ll first need to know what exactly a sales manager does. A sales manager oversees all of the sales activity that happens within an organization, and they make sure each team member (including themselves) is meeting their individual and company goals. In some cases, the sales manager may have direct authority over the team members and can directly hire and fire them, but in most organizations that responsibility falls on another layer of management instead.

Most Popular Sales Manager Jobs

Sales manager jobs are abundant and in high demand. There’s a big market for sales leaders because there’s always a need to foster and grow an organization’s sales force. But, if you’re considering a sales manager job, where do you start looking? The following six positions are some of the most popular sales manager jobs. Do any of them sound like a good fit for your career goals and abilities? If so, it might be time to take action.
While it’s not a complete list of sales manager jobs by any means, these positions have something important in common: They all have high salaries associated with them. Why is that important? Because salary information can help you determine whether or not a position is worth pursuing—especially when it comes to sales management jobs that may require relocation or extensive travel time away from home or family.

Direct Sales Manager

Sales managers in direct sales focus on selling a product or service directly to a consumer. Some companies allow these sales managers to also act as consultants and provide advice based on their industry knowledge; others have sales managers only sell their products or services. In either case, direct sales manager salaries typically reach over $100,000 per year. Most businesses in the consumer electronics, software, and personal care industries employ direct sales managers. Though many people often assume that jobs within high-tech are well compensated, you can actually earn even more by taking a job in an industry that may not be as tech-oriented but has just as much growth potential. Many pharmaceutical companies are quickly expanding operations outside of America and are hungry for people with relevant experience to promote company products abroad.

Insurance Agency Sales Manager

Some experience running a Sales team. Insurance Agency Sales Managers oversee sales teams that sell insurance policies to individuals and businesses, including property, casualty, health and life insurance. They work for independent insurance agencies or are self-employed as part of large companies. These managers set their own compensation rate based on commission from policy sales. For example, an Insurance Agency Sales Manager working in Washington, D.C., earns an average annual salary of $86,310 with typical bonuses and commissions adding up to $15,891 annually (O*Net Online). California’s Sales Manager enjoys an average salary of $88,480 annually plus up to $11,512 in bonuses and commissions (The Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Is sales manager in demand in Canada?

There were 38,400 sales manager jobs in Canada in 2017. This number is expected to increase by 2% to about 39,100 jobs by 2022. This represents an annual growth rate of 0.5%. Sales managers held a median salary of $86,980 in 2017. The highest paying provinces are Alberta and Saskatchewan while Newfoundland & Labrador and Manitoba have more sales manager jobs available than other provinces do. These higher salaries are likely due to low competition between employers for sales manager hires in these regions. Sales managers make most money in Calgary, AB where they earn close to $113,100 annually on average or $51 per hour after accounting for taxes and other factors that influence compensation levels.

How much do sales managers earn in Canada?

It’s difficult to measure sales manager salaries in Canada because there are so many ways to define a sales manager. If you ask managers what their job is, you’ll get a variety of answers – from those who put revenue at center stage, to those who focus on ensuring companywide customer satisfaction. The best sales managers set clear targets and support colleagues by developing career paths that help individuals succeed in their roles and work towards overall business goals. This can often mean working with other departments outside of Sales as well. All these factors come into play when looking at your potential salary as a sales manager: Company Size: An entry-level position in one firm could pay different amounts than an entry-level position somewhere else.

What is the work of a sales manager in Canada?

A sales manager in Canada is responsible for overseeing their team’s work, implementing sales strategies and working to increase overall sales. Sales managers are often paid well for their efforts, with average salaries ranging from about $63,000 per year to over $95,000 per year. Their specific job duties can vary depending on what company they work for and what kind of position they hold within that company. Some common job duties include: Training new employees. Holding regular meetings with sales staff members in order to keep them up-to-date on current trends in both technology and marketing. Tracking daily progress by compiling information and data into reports sent to upper management; these reports may also be given directly to customers as a way of demonstrating that a company is invested in customer satisfaction.

How do I become a sales manager in Canada?

Sales manager jobs aren’t limited to only top-tier companies. There are sales manager positions available at small to medium-sized businesses, as well as franchises and startups. You can also find sales manager jobs that are specific to your industry, such as in technology or medical device sales, or if you have a specialty certification (such as being an Apple expert), you could be hired as a sales manager within that company. The best way to become a sales manager is to first become an expert on your product or service, whether it’s flooring for new home builders or enterprise software for tech companies.

Is sales manager a good career?

Yes, but there are a lot of factors that go into answering that question. There’s no simple yes or no answer, because it depends on a number of different circumstances. To start with, what sort of sales manager job are you interested in? Sales management comes in many different forms depending on your industry and what level you want to work at within it. Below we outline some of the common sales manager jobs found across a variety of industries and businesses

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